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And women tell why they won't date Christian men Regina D, Christian: When I'm doing what I'm doing, I don't want to hear how good God is, I already know that. Why can't you tell me that you like me, that my smile is bright and my eyes are nice? Sharlene A, Christian They try to be too much of a knight in shining armour and end up being a man in foil paper.

'I can't do this and I can't do that', because she's afraid pastor sees us.They all want a virgin wife, untouched without spot or blemish, and most of them aren't perfect.They are not willing to see that you are a changed person and they judge you based on your sinful lifestyle and refuse to see that you have now given your life over to serving God.It's like if they say they like you the world will end and when they are brave enough to be straightforward, it comes off as pushy.It's almost as if they just can't be normal and have a normal courtship.

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