When to take a break from dating

Knowing When You Need A Break What To Do While You're Taking A Break Community Q&A Whether you've just gotten out of a bad relationship, you need to learn more about yourself, or you just need some time with platonic friends, there are many easy steps you can take to take a break from dating.

Avoid the damage and drama of rebound relationships by taking time off to find out what you want.

I knew I needed time to process through them in order to get this clarity. I needed silence and lack of distraction to fully explore the reflection the mirror my last relationship was holding for me so that I can enter my next one without carrying old patterns with me.

By allowing myself the time to sit with these thoughts and feelings, I am able to see myself more clearly.

When It’s Time To Take A Break From Dating: Sometimes we go from one relationship to the next without taking a break.

It can be because we are afraid to be alone, or bowing to societal pressures that tell us we have to be in a relationship, in order to be okay.

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And one of the most powerful ways to get clearer about this part of ourselves is to look at our reactions to our partner in our last relationship.If we don't believe that we can find love, then the search for it can feel daunting at best, hopeless at worst.When we feel this way, we defend ourselves from experiencing these struggles by just avoiding dating altogether.For many, happiness is actually scarier than sadness.On some level, we fear that if we get too happy we might lose the source of that happiness (which we often believe lies outside of ourselves).

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