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While Tut’s get-up required “a lot of eye makeup and a lot of gold to be wearing [at once],” Jogia says he’s used to a little guyliner.

“I’ve worn, surprisingly, a lot of makeup as an actor,” he says.

It took two to three stylists to dress one actor at a time and 60 hired guns just to pleat the garments.

The process of getting ready involves the stylists “dressing you, putting rings and fabulous crowns on you, and applying makeup.”“You kind of imagine what it would be like to be a pharaoh and have your morning start like this every day,” he says.

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As for discovering that shorthand between Jogia and his childhood idol, Academy Award winner Sir Ben Kingsley?“The prince of the nation [that he is at war with] comes to the court offering peace terms.It’s the moment where Tut becomes a man, the pharaoh—the calm, collected, authoritative figure that he’s wanted to be.”“Tut” premieres July 19 at 9/8 CST on SPIKE.Over the course of the three-night event, you watch the young pharaoh work through the treacherous court, until he finally peaks.“There’s this scene where Tut has solidified his control of his court,” says Jogia.

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