Who is beenie man dating

"She's got a great camp of writers, producers, stylists. Women look up to her and how she presents herself." JB thinks Minaj has a monopoly over the female rap game; even those who could be considered equivalents -- like Azealia Banks or Remy Ma -- can't compete with Minaj's crossover appeal."The types of songs and type of collaborations Nicki's done are very universal," he explained."Her reach is bigger than someone like Azealia Banks or Remy Ma.

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He is the man.” The Voice is celebrating its 35th birthday this year.

"No one has the recognition and mainstream appeal that Nicki Minaj does," Halperin told Too Fab.

"She can also be very street and very almost underground hip-hop, so she rides both lanes, which is very unusual and speaks to her sort of ubiquitous-ness.

He has been in this game since 1979, and still has the passion, desire, wit, skill and charm to be sitting at the helm of it. I was fortunate enough to be in Jamaica on a video shoot with the man himself, and when you actually take stock and look at his history, it is really something to applaud.

A man who has waved the dancehall banner in four decades. Moses Anthony Davis – aka The Doctor, aka The Gyal Dem Sugar, aka Beenie Man – is the epitome of a dancehall star.

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