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And so the fragrance was born: a shower of flowers, of petals, of subtle yet incisive freshness, balanced by sensuality. And the bottle looks beautiful on my bedroom dresser.

A nectar of flowers, an ode to life and love, in the warm light of radiant jasmine and the darker warmth of chypre, to express an ambiguity of feeling, and musk, like the scent of cashmere on the skin, a comfortable, intimate, physical sensation. What a big mistake that Guerlain is now filling almost all his perfumes in the new (also poorly made) bee bottles.

It has been created by Thierry Wasser and it is the first fragrance he created in his position as the succeeder of Jean-Paul Guerlain.

This is how Wasser describes this beautiful floral perfume: "It started with a rose.

In this combination of the personal, sensual, emotional facet of chypre, and the physical aspect of musk, and the declaration of love with the bouquet of flowers, the inexpressible idea was expressed, tender and ethereal, sensuous and romantic, fleeting and eternal." I got Idylle as a gift from my grandma in early summer, I tried it and thought it was nice. I wore it a couple of times the next few days and each time I would get deeper into the scent, and each time it appeared more complex and feminine. and in a way I think it's the best to fall in love- slowly, surely, step by step. I wore it once later during summertime as I went out to dance with some friends. I think this perfume can be worn year round; for any occasion. I find the old Idylle-Flacon very suitable for the fragrance.

A friend of mine hugged me during the night and she inhaled my hair the way you inhale a delicious looking meal and exclaimed: "You smell like a chest box full of flowers! It had a special charm that each perfume had its own matching Flacon, which should also reflect the character of the fragrance. this is a scent that has so many layers and dimensions, it changes through the day,still lingers in my hair at night..

I bought its EDT a year ago and it was the most stunning fragrance and lasted for days on my clothes when it was finished i ordered EDP thinking that would be more dense and deep than the EDT but unfortunately it did not last on me. Was very disappointed and shocked :-( Idylle is a wonderful, intense, complex mix of different floral notes. It has some of the nicer aspects of Narciso Rodriguez For Her but it's not as cloying and sweet.

the Rose and other floral notes, together with the musk and patchouli notes work as a 'frame' to enhance the beauty of the Jasmine, which, to me, is the star of this perfume. The rose here isn't super rosey, it's more of the idea of roses mixed with purple flowers.

If you want something different, unique, ethereal and strong at the same time, give this piece of gem a try... I get some soft fruit vibes, pears that aren't actual pears, but again, the idea of pears. It's nice, but I can't see myself reaching for it often because it's a little too safe. I prefer my scent to slowly smother me with deep, rich, dark heaviness.

It's an inoffensive floral beginning (I get lily of the valley at first) that fades into roses a freesia and then has a very powdery end.

On me, it smells very 'old', not in a sophisticated way but in one that says "simple flowers and powder". That's how I describe it whenever people ask me what Idylle smells like - PURE GOLD, like its bottle! Oh, this perfume is so underestimated and I don't even know why. It's one of the rare perfumes that you can wear both in warm and cold days.

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