Who is dan aykroyd dating

The phrase, "Maintain low tones," is used towards Connie by Beldar in the film and in the original 1977 sketch.

The somewhat popular term parental unit also comes from the sketches.

The conehead costume is highly reminiscent of the "clown blanc" costume used in French circuses for more than a century.

Frank Zappa wrote a song based on the sketches, titled "Conehead". When he hosted SNL, Zappa also appeared in a Coneheads sketch as a man dating Connie, where he makes note that he prefers French women.

As of late May 2015, State Farm Insurance created a Coneheads version of its commercial "State of Unrest," in which Dan Aykroyd and Jane Curtin reprise their Coneheads roles and put a Coneheads spin on the original commercial that features a husband calling the State Farm 24-hour policy line, while his wife is sure he's talking to his mistress despite his protests that he is talking to State Farm.

Marvel Comics produced a comic book limited series, with all original stories set after the events of the film. and Friends, Beldar and Connie made a cameo appearance with host Robin Williams.

The feature film was licensed to Playmates Toys and a line of action figures were created, designed by the development team from Pangea Corporation. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, the USA Hockey Team featured a line nicknamed after the sketch.

When highly upset, some Coneheads emit the term, "Meps!

" Coneheads rub their cones together as a sign of affection ("honing their cones") at which point a bizarre, theremin-like noise is emitted, presumably from the cones themselves.

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