Who is dating eddie murphy

And then I'd say around 2010…I'm not going to say he stopped caring; he stopped being over the top. I got him all sized up for it, and then I told him, "Okay, Prince, I'm only buying this bike if you get a helmet." And he said, "I don't want a helmet." I said, "Well, I'm not buying this bike, sir, if you don't get a helmet—you have to ride with a helmet or else I can't be responsible for you being on this bike." He says, "Well, I don't want a helmet." I said, "I'll get you a cool one—and I'll get one, too." So we got the helmets, but I found out later that he was riding the bike and he didn't wear it.: Once the lights turned on [after a Paisley Park event in September 2015], I left quick because I'm super claustrophobic and can't take the cattle-exit style of most rock shows.

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He asked very detailed kind of foreign-policy questions.

He'd go over there, and he didn't have any pockets. He just had cash he'd carry in his hand—like, a 0 bill.

And whoever took his order, they'd have a good day, 'cause he'd buy his coffee drink and then just leave the whole hundred.

I could tell he was just copy-and-pasting stuff—when he first started to do it, he'd be copying the seconds or the minutes, however long since the person tweeted it. I would always make fun of how pale he was—I thought he was super pale. He wouldn't follow people—he followed me for a brief second so he could directly message me, and then he would delete the messages. I don't care who you are—if you have intentions that are sexual, I'm not interested at all. Van Jones: He'd always be on the Internet, going through You Tube, trying to find young artists. But he's not the type of person that eats a lot. [One time] I was 17, I'm here dancing, and this girl was really attractive, and I'm just kind of dancing next to her. Jill Jones: I'd never met anyone like him before. He totally threw me off, because he didn't do what every other guy did—like, come to your house at the right time and pick you up, meet your mom and dad.

Washington: When you get to know him, he's really funny and has a wild sense of humor. I'm like, "Prince, you need to tan." Like, you need some vitamin D in your life. Freed: If he wanted to reach you, there'd be a text—he would write everything and it would be copy-and-pasted from his assistant or manager, ’cause he didn't have a cell phone. But when I met him, he genuinely was a fan of my photography and he wanted me to photograph his band. He'd find some 6-year-old kid that could play the violin, he'd have someone contact the parents: "Bring him to Paisley—I wanna talk to him." He was always sending me memes and funny videos. And then all of a sudden I see him walking by me with his pimp cane and his glasses on, and I'm thinking, "Wow, this is cool, he's gonna dance with us." And then, to my left, this guy walks in front of me and gently pushed me back. Prince would throw rocks at your window while you were sleeping. Electra: He called me and said, "I have a flight booked for you tomorrow morning to Minneapolis." I packed up my little tiny suitcase, and I had maybe and four or five outfits.

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