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Inspector George Gently never lets us fall into those comfortable stereotypes, and is often pitted against his younger, brasher partner, who more easily embraces our prejudices.

The adversarial, though deeply caring relationship between Gently (Martin Shaw) and Bacchus (Lee Ingleby) keeps the pace jarring, even in those expository scenes that often bog down police dramas.

"I directed one episode one year and maybe two the next, and none the next, and then three. But I really took it very seriously and when I wasn't working doing a job that would show up on your IMDB page, I was just trying to stay active, trying to stay engaged. '" Earlier actor Dan Lauria, who played his dad on "The Wonder Years," lent him some advice that Savage took to heart.

I'd call director, producer friends of mine, or even people who weren't friends of mine, and ask, 'Can I come hang out on your set? "He told me, 'Do something every day that reminds you you're an actor.

It's obvious from "The Grinder" that Savage hasn't lost his comic timing.

He says his father, who died this year, was always funny.

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“It was about coming of age when the world was changing so rapidly,” says co-creator Carol Black.Do you put them in your wardrobe and hang them upside down?' She has them, and she wraps them in little blankets and little socks, and she packs them all together.The new disc sets feature four mysteries plus an interview with Shaw and run at Acorn "Nature," on PBS is measuring high on the "cute" scale with its "Nature's Miracle Orphans" airing in two parts Wednesday and Sept. Filming in both Costa Rica and Australia, the show follows those dedicated caretakers who try to save infant animals who've somehow gotten separated from their mothers.

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