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When Aaron left KBOP Willie Nelson took his place in 1954. Worth (working with Lawton Williams), Kansas, Nashville and various other stations.He often is seen at Willie's 4th of July Picnic as Emcee. His main influences were a strange combination, Burl Ives and Bob Dylan!Hey, it can't be all bad, if we've taught them at least that much!Once again, Levon & the guys "Tell's it like it is! Marc grew up in North Dallas as a good friend and formed Marc Benno & The Victors in high school.Levon, Garth and many "Family" members keep the importance of The Band in the minds of our most recent generations.

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In 1964 Levon and the guys went out on their own as Levon and The Hawks. Soon it was Bob Dylan & The Band forming one of the most creative events in American Music: The blending of Folk, Blues, Country, and Rock music, during the Psycedelic times of the 1960's; a true "American Melody".

The Band has given us years of musical & cultural history, in a time where much was lost to political and social upheaveal.

"The Weight" and numerous other songs (written by Levon, Richard, & Rick) is still the best reminder to us all of what was happening "a generation ago".

In 1961 they changed their name to "The Fabulous Cyclones".

To expose his many talents, he taught himself to play drums, lead guitar and bass to go along with his rhythm pickin.

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