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One night while on tour in Detroit, Ned returned to his hotel room with an interviewer and camera crew doing a story on "A Day in the Life of Eddie Maine." All was going well -- until Ned opened the door and found Alexis waiting on the bed for him, wearing nothing but a teddy and holding a rose in her teeth.

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But when she almost ended up dying in a plane crash that Helena caused, she decided that the risk was not worth it.She then decided to concentrate on building a life away from the Cassadines by focusing of her profession and her relationship with Ned.When Chloe Morgan appeared in town, she immediately became friends with Alexis and Ned, as well as Jax.Attempting to end the fiasco, Ned proposed to Alexis because he thought that if they were married, the press would leave them alone.Unfortunately, he was proved wrong when their private wedding in Belize was discovered.

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