Who is mike epps dating

The couple have been married for almost ten years but, according to the court papers, split last summer around the same time Mechelle sprung the Hangover star telling a women to DM (send him a private message) him on Twitter. Comedian Mike Epps was caught flirting with a woman on Twitter this weekend by none other than his wife, Mechelle Epps — and the way she nabbed him has since sparked predictably many reactions from the Internet. 15, when the An hour later, the woman posted a screen shot of Epps' profile, which showed that she had been blocked by the comic.Epps told us when he viewed the video it was apparent ... Mike Epps' estranged wife is asking him to fork over six-figures every month to support the fam ... Mechelle Epps claims Mike makes .5 million a year, but recently cut her off from bank accounts and credit cards, leaving her high and dry with zero income.

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This doesn’t necessarily mean they’re dating, right?

Epps' natural comedic ability was encouraged at an early age, and he began performing stand-up as a teenager at comedy clubs in Hollis Queens.

Epps moved to Atlanta where he worked at the Comedy Act Theater, before moving to Brooklyn to star in Def Comedy Jam in 1995.

Later that year, Epps had a cameo in 3 Strikes, and supported Jamie Foxx in Bait. Dolittle 2 as Sonny the Bear and finished the year with a featured role as comical pimp Baby Powder in How High, starring Method Man and Redman.

Epps reunited with Ice Cube in 2002 as the bumbling thief to Ice Cube's bounty hunter in All About the Benjamins, and again re-teamed with Cube in Friday's second sequel Friday After Next.

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