Who is olivia dating on love and hip hop

'I am too good for her, way too good.' Olivia, meanwhile, recalls her fallout with Chris privately in the beach hut and admits she is already 'fed up' with their relationship. I don't want to argue anymore.' Love Island fever has swept the nation.

She explains: 'I just feel fed up man, I know I bring it up in myself, but I have to put so much work in to make this right. As a result it's become a daily occurrence that we're bombarded with shots of the skimpy outfits worn by the female (and male! Maybe it's because it's summer, maybe it's simply due to our complete and utter obsession with the ITV show...

'Maybe Chris is too good for me.' Fans recently saw Olivia and Chris reunite, after she chose him in the villa's latest re-coupling following his heartfelt admission to her that he wanted to make a real go of things.

The duo became the fourth couple to romp in the villa and viewers were left criticising Olivia after she revealed she was underwhelmed with his performance in the bedroom on Sunday night's episode.'We sh**ged last night.

Speaking to Mail Online on, Jodie had said: 'That Olivia Buckland last year slept with one bloke one night and another bloke the other night - she slept with two blokes on the telly!In a brutal game of 'tweet and sour', the islanders find out what the public and each other really make of them, with Chris finally learning that Olivia had said she wanted to have sex with her former flame Mike Thalassitis following his Love Island return.Tensions rise between the pair during the game, as Olivia hits out at a tweet sent from rapper Stormzy suggesting Chris is 'too good for her' and Chris is left irked by Olivia's steamy confession to their co-stars.I have every right to be annoyed at that.' He and Olivia try to clear the air, but the buxom blonde isn't so keen to draw a line under the drama and walks off, only irritating Chris further.As she walks away, he shouts: 'You're an angel aren't you, little princess,' before then adding under his breath: 'He's right though, isn't he.

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