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It says in your bio on your website that as a gifted child, you always danced like entertainers beyond your years.It is clear Michael has a strong influence on your dance style; many of your moves are reminiscent of his, but who else would you say has inspired you in dance in the past and more recently?When I dance, I completely let go and the music controls my movements.

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Respecting his privacy, this interview has been crafted to highlight his achievements as an artist, musician and dancer. One thing I do want to say is that I wish people wouldn’t say I copy him, because like every other artist out there, yes, I am very inspired by him, but he also straight-up taught and mentored me.

There again, the use of an empty dance studio and mirror is redolent of Michael.

Was the video constructed this way to indicate hidden metaphors?

They are so dedicated, and it humbles me to see how much time they take to share my work.

I posted the video on my own You Tube channel, and promoted it myself on my social accounts and official website - hope it will keep getting exposure and open more eyes to me as an artist.

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