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Beautiful though it is, wool is also immensely practical, as we found when we pitted it against synthetics in tests of fire retardancy and sustainability.n the first test, synthetic jerseys produced a dramatic and disconcerting blaze, while their woollen counterparts merely smouldered in relative safety.o we started what has become the Campaign for Wool.For seven years, the Campaign for Wool has been promoting wool in all its forms across the world.

In Australia, numbers are now relatively constant at around 72 million, as more farmers are encouraged to stay in wool growing rather than diverting to meat production and crops.More generally, it has been enormously encouraging to see the extent to which the UK’s wool-textile manufacturers have adopted local sourcing of yarns and fabrics.The Campaign for Wool has already achieved a lot, and I have high hopes for next week’s conference.Sheep farmers everywhere were under severe financial pressure, with some receiving less for their wool than the cost of shearing their sheep.A new breed of sheep had even been developed that didn’t need shearing.

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