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She certainly was not going down without a (cat)fight.

How It Passes: The Brides (Uma Thurman) first visit on her kill-list tour to the abode of one Vernita Green (Vivica Fox) has the two duking it out, until Greens daughter walks in.

According to Bechdel, the method for measuring female visibility in a film involves conforming to the following three scruples: there have to be two named women; whom engage in a conversation; which is about something other than a man.

hits all three during a sizeable scene in the middle, during which Rollergirl (Heather Graham) asks Amber Waves (Julianne Moore) if shed adopt her and be her Mom. Best Female Character: Porn veteran, Amber Waves, who takes newcomer Eddie under her matriarch wing. How It Passes: While penning a thank you note, Carol (Helen Hunt)s irritations mount as she vents about her daily frustrations with her mother, Beverly (Shirley Knight.)Best Female Character: Struggling waitress Carol, whose fierce loyalty to her familys wellbeing motivates her to thrive in an environment seemingly against her at every turn.

How It Passes: In the middle of babysitting, Annie (Nancy Loomis) locks herself into the laundry room and gets stuck trying to escape from the window.

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Its amazing how few films pass, and generally, the lower budget a film has, the more likely it is to pass., The Bechdel Test proposes an assessment of how women are represented in film.

How It Passes: Selina Kyle (Anne Hathaway) and her assistant, Jen (Juno Temple) spar back and forth following the liberation of Gotham and whether or not the fallout was what Selina truly wanted.

Best Female Character: The wily Catwoman herself, Selina Kyle she can burgle with the best of em, harness the thunderous Batcycle and of course, play a double agent with ease.

Best Female Character: The titular heroine herself, Jackie Brown.

A flight attendant mixed up in a world of money-smuggling to help ends meet, she harnesses her resolve to make a life-changing decision in the face of potentially bonkers consequences.

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