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Post-children, I'm more likely to be drinking the house white (as in, it's in our house) and serving pasta: what with meeting work deadlines, booking the plumber, cutting the children's toenails and driving a ten-year-old to Casualty because his 'neck hurts' after swimming, speed and availability drive menu choice.Yesterday, I consumed toast, a mint Aero, popcorn, chocolate milk - and pinched several slices of the children's shop-bought pepperoni pizza (before my own dinner.)Macaroni cheese is perfect for growing children, not so great for adults.

Macdonald, a qualified nutritionist, put on 2½ stone after his son was born. When time to sneeze feels like a luxury, the idea of wasting 90 minutes on exercise is unthinkable.This allows you the treat without the creeping weight gain.Avoid grains and starchy vegetables with your evening meal on a wine night.Creating an emergency supplies kit for your car boot.Buy a quality cool box or insulated bag, reusable ice packs and sealable food containers, and stock up on non-perishable healthy snacks such as nuts and protein bars.

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