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Players can customize fighter's special attacks with one of three variations for each.

The Mii Fighters and Palutena, however, have custom special attacks that aren't variants of the original attacks; these are unlocked from the beginning.

This usually comes at the expense of all the other shows on the channel, particularly the shows on the verge of being canceled. At the very worst, they can be canceled or re-tooled to make it more in line with the adored show.

And at very, , worst — it could signal the first signs of Network Decay, as the network may add more shows similar to the network darling to the lineup.

is known for, up to eight players can join a single battle.

An option of four teams is allowed, with the yellow team serving as a new team color choice.

Whenever networks stumble upon a massive hit show, this show usually gets the most attention and most promotion.

Marathons are run, special programming events occur often surrounding the show, and the show is given multiple airings daily.

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Before you add an example, keep in mind this isn't Complaining About Shows You Don't Like.The pace of battles has also been stated to be in between Super Smash Bros. The movesets and animations of some returning characters were changed more significantly than during the transition from Super Smash Bros. Brawl, with many returning characters having completely new moves, and major alterations (such as Pit).Aesthetically, the games are much more stylized and visually intense than previous entries, with the overall colors being bolder and brighter and many elements having been redone to stand out more.So you're curling up on the armchair to watch your favorite show — but the schedule has been changed and yet another airing of the network's most popular (or just favored by execs) show is airing in its place.Your blood boils, but there's nothing you can do — it's the network's pet program. An over-promoted, over-aired program that either dominates the entire schedule or gets promoted over every show on the network or some combination of the two.

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