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(I'm 35) I never felt comfortable with her, she always questioned my life choices and when mine did not agree with hers, she made me feel bad about them. I find her judgemental and at every appointment I've had she's tried to prescribe me a percription I don't need, or one that conflicts with other medical conditions. I left there crying cause she stated I booked the wrong appointment and she couldn't help me after I took time off work for half a day to come see her.she is not helpful in any way, shape, or form and has dismissed every single concern of mine. Cause I'm supposed to know what type of appointment I needed...It manifestly does not provide equal opportunity for Aboriginals.And it is quickly becoming known for the subhuman treatment of its First Nations citizens, who suffer daily indignities and appalling violence.She called for an inquiry to help explain why so many indigenous girls and women are being murdered in Winnipeg, and elsewhere in Canada.Badiuk’s comments came while the city was still reeling from the murder of Tina Fontaine, a 15-year-old child from the Sagkeeng First Nation who was wrapped in plastic and tossed into the Red River after being sexually exploited in the city’s core.I had just told the person booking my appointment what had been occurring.

Found out the next day when I called in to book a new appointment with her that she no longer wishes to see me.

She has 'no record' or blood work from my last physical and was TOTALLY negligent with my current pregnancy. I'll be 38 at time of delivery and she didn't make me aware OF ANYTHING including nuchal testing and maternal screening and now it's too late to get the nuchal testing measurement. I called and her receptionist Sarah assured me she would remind her right away. I am single and when I asked for refills of my birth control she always questioned me about my sexual choices.

I am currently expecting and after my initial visit where she confirmed the pregnancy she forgot to send in the referral for the dating scan. I have been seeing her for a few years and questioned a lot of the things she said.

Even Thelma Favel, who raised Tina, believes her niece did not die in vain.

Meaningful change will not come easily, but all this holds the promise, however faint, of a more hopeful future for the city.

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