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Besides, some of the best discoveries are found when you are lost. While I do consider cell phones more of a utility these days, I consider data plans and all the bells and whistles a luxury. Still, it’s a time saver, and since we all have so little of it these days I suppose it helps. Speaking of plastic, my grandfather didn’t use an ATM card until he was in his 70? Why spend money on something with a screen the size of a book when you could simply…read a book.

s, instead he always went inside the bank, walked up to the teller, and did business “eye-to-eye.” They knew him by name and were always happy to help with customer service issues he ran across over the 40 years he banked with this particular bank. They even let you borrow them for a couple weeks at libraries for free. Even I can remember growing up with only a handful of channels from rabbit ears on top of the television.

This married man feels like to meet the most beautiful, perfect man for you.

He’s everything you’ve ever wanted, you belong together…but he is another woman’s husband.

Of course, I cherish these stories and the time spent with my grandparents because they made me the “frugal dad” I am today.

Here, you’ll learn how to break up with a married man – and even more importantly, you’ll discover ways to let go of someone you love.

When I asked him about a plasma screen once he said, “There is nothing wrong with the picture on my screen now. Why pay to listen to something that is available for free over the airwaves? People used to simply pay for college, but that was before the days of college tuition costing an arm and a leg.

Besides, I’ve heard those ‘plasma things’ cost as much as a small car.” Indeed, although it had been a while since he priced a small car! I did get an XM satellite receiver for my grandfather’s car to use on trips, and he found one feature worth paying for – not having to listen to commercials. I remember one Christmas while staying with my grandparents I got an Atari 2600 game system. Why pay a month to pick up heavy weights and walk on a belt that runs underneath your feet? People knew how to perform basic math computations and make change. Which begs the question: Has the federal student loan program encouraged colleges to increase costs by allowing students to spread payments out over a quarter of their lifetimes? Ziploc bags didn’t really hit the market until the 1960s, although some “resealable bags” were around a decade earlier.

But you’re here because you want to be free of the guilt, shame, and self-loathing that accompanies cheating with another woman’s husband.

You want to let him go, and start healing your spirit, heart, soul, and body.

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