Workplan for updating job descriptions

The audit examined the controls in place to meet the requirements of Commissioner's Directive 345 on Fire Safety and the Fire Safety Manual, in particular the high risk areas which were determined in consultation with the national Chief Operational Fire Safety and the non-compliance areas identified during the MCF process.

The audit team conducted a preliminary testing of the audit tools in the Atlantic Region so that any adjustments required to the tools could be made prior to proceeding to the next phase of the site visits.

The site visits consisted of institutions from various security levels, including 2 institutions housing women offenders.

The objectives established for the audit were as follows: The specific audit criteria identified for each of these objectives are included in Appendix A of this report.

During site visits, the audit teams conducted specific on-site inspections and examined documents such as: In addition, the audit team also identified and noted good practices.

Some of these are identified in Appendix C of this report.

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