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You can view local Zooskers and give them a wink or write them a message to let them know you are interested.

A similar feature, the Carousel, let’s you riffle through profiles rapidly, deciding between “Yes,” “Maybe” or “No” for each member you see.

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Just be yourself – whether you’re looking for friends, a fun fling, or long-term love, Zoosk is our best option for mitigating the hassle that goes into finding a special someone.This is ideal for busy singles with work, life and other goals on their minds.Admittedly, what takes the most time is Elite Single’s compatibility test, which you take upon registering to the site.Elite Singles steps in to offer a strong alternative for sophisticated singles tired of hookup apps.The belief is that you shouldn’t have to hide your success in order to appear more modest in your search for a special someone.

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