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So you really want to dominate your fantasy league this year.You’ve been looking through some of the rankings provided by some of the major fantasy sports sites online, but they don’t seem to fit to your league’s settings.Now you can reference your concatenated cell that holds your final URL in the import HTML function.This is useful on sites like any others on the Sports Reference network.Sometimes the way the web page is formatted prevents Excel from importing the data with this method.If the web page is using a special plug-in or tool to display their data (that’s not simply text in a table format on a page) then this method will not work.Also, if you the web page you’re pulling from is not always the same URL (due to query variables, or day-to-day or week-to-week differences) there’s not an easy way to dynamically change the URL.If this is a problem for the particular task you’re trying to accomplish take a look at the next method. Google Docs – Import HTML From a pure functionality standpoint Excel is head and shoulders above Google Docs/Google Spreadsheets.

Once you have that connection established in your Excel sheet every time you come back you can choose to “Refresh All” so that any web data source that your worksheet connects to will be refreshed to the latest data.The Import Data function in Excel doesn’t work well with some of the sites you’ve been trying to pull data from so you’re stuck. Here is an overview of the methods I use starting with the most simple. Microsoft Excel Import Data The “Import Data from Web” functionality in Excel is probably the easiest way to get sports data into a spreadsheet.Simply click on the “Data” tab in Excel and then select “From Web” as your data connection (the screenshot is from Excel 2013, but the same functionality should be there going back to Excel 2007 on Windows.You’ve been brushing up on your Excel skills so if only you could get your hands on some data you could do your own analysis and rank players based on your own set of criteria.Or maybe you’re trying to decide who to select in your weekly pick ’em pool and you want to base your selection off some objective data. There are a few different ways that you can easily get data out of any website and into your own Excel spreadsheet.

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