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To keep the bank manager happy we have also introduced some optional paid-for services which we call Essentials.

Midsummer's Eve is the UK's first and oldest free dating site.

He said the cables are essential to our modern life and digital economy, but they are inadequately protected and highly vulnerable to attack at sea and on land, from both hostile states and terrorists.

Mr Sunak, who was elected in 2015 and is the co-founder of an investment firm, wrote: “A successful attack on the UK’s undersea cable infrastructure would be an existential threat to our security.

Britain and our NATO allies must ensure that our maritime capabilities get the investment they need.”The first submarine communications cables, laid in the 1850s, carried telegraphy traffic, with subsequent generations of cables carried telephone traffic, then data communications traffic.

In 2015, it was reported that Russian submarines and spy ships were “aggressively operating” near undersea cables, worrying some US intelligence and military officials who fear the Russians may sabotage them if a conflict arises.

Whilst there's a lot going on, we have never forgotten the one thing that makes falling in love special - the sheer romance of it all.

We're incurable romantics ourselves (that's we set up a free dating site in the first place) and we just love seeing relationships blossom, friendships form, and marriages result.

As far as we know we're the only web site ever to have won the award twice.

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