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The singer and tenorist participated on five more recording sessions together prior to 1937. 06 MY MAN 07 I’M JUST WILD ABOUT HARRY 08 I LOVE TO LOVE 09 IT’S SO NICE TO HAVE A MAN AROUND THE HOUSE 10 SO IN LOVE 11 I LIKE MEN! She waxed three of her earliest hits at the session: “I Wished on the Moon”, “What a Little Moonlight Can Do” and “Miss Brown to You”, which would remain in her repertoire throughout her career. 06 SEE SEE RIDER 07 LOADS OF LOVE 08 I BELIEVE IN YOU 09 PLEASE DON’T RUSH ME 10 MY SILENT LOVE 11 I’LL GET BY 12 I DIDN’T FIND LOVE 13 I’M A FOOL TO WANT YOU 14 I NEVER HAD A CHANCE 15 WHISPER NOT 16 TELL ALL THE WORLD ABOUT YOU 17 BIG BAD BILL (IS SWEET WILLIAM NOW) 18 THE BEST IS YET TO COME 19 TEACH ME TONIGHT 20 WHEN THE SUN COMES OUT 21 I’LL BE AROUND 22 AMAZING 23 I DON’T WANNA LEAVE YOU NOW 24 I’VE GOT THE WORLD ON A STRING 25 EMBRASSE MOI (EMBRACE ME JUST ONE MORE TIME) 26 THE SWEETEST SOUNDS 27 I’M A WOMAN 1 BOUQUET OF BLUES 02 LOVE LETTERS 03 THE GYPSY WITH FIRE IN HIS SHOES 04 CHARLEY MY BOY 05 OH JOHNNY, OH JOHNNY, OH! This collector’s edition contains Howlin’ Wolf ’s eponymous second album for Chess Records, Howlin’ Wolf (released in January 1962). Their paths would then diverge, and with the exception of a single 1944 radio broadcast in which both were captured on two tunes (“Fine and Mellow” and “All of Me”), no further collaborations between Billie and Ben exist until the first of the many sessions included on this set, which took place on August 14, 1956. 12 JIM 13 BILL 14 WHEN A WOMAN LOVES A MAN 15 GOOD FOR NOTHIN’ JOE 16 STORMY WEATHER (*)17 I CAN'T GIVE YOU ANYTHING BUT LOVE (*)18 HAPPINESS IS A THING CALLED JOE (*)19 TALKIN’ TO MYSELF ABOUT YOU (*)20 THEM THERE EYES (*)21 BABY DON'T BE MAD AT ME (*)22 EVERYBODY LOVES SOMEBODY (*)23 FOOLIN' NOBODY BUT ME (*)24 JOHNNY GUITAR (*)25 AUTUMN IN ROME (*)26 IT MUST BE SO (*)27 STRAIGHT AHEAD (*)28 LET ME GO, LOVER!The long play, which has come to be known as “The Rockin’ Chair Album”, was originally released as a collection of singles (totalling nine tracks) taped and released individually between 19 (with the exception of the songs “Who’s Been Talkin’” and “Tell Me”, cut in 1957). With the exception of the two December 1957 versions of “Fine and Mellow” recorded for the TV broadcast “The Sound of Jazz” (one is a studio recording and the other the actual live performance during the show) – in which Billie was also reunited with Lester Young – all of Webster and Holiday’s late collaborations are limited to their 1956-57 recordings for Norman Granz, some of which were issued on the album All or Nothing at All . (*)29 HOW BITTER, MY SWEET (*) ‘Electric Looneyland’ is the new album from the Liverpool-based psychedelic band Serpent Power. The Flower Kings are releasing the first part of a career spanning anthology in the guise of a massive 10-disc box set entitled “A Kingdom Of Colours (1995-2002)”, via Inside Out Music and covers the band’s material from ‘Back In The World Of Adventures’ to ‘Unfold The Future’. This album is a must for all fans of classic blues, The Fabulous Thunderbirds and fans of Blues Harmonica.The answer to this is in the quality of the B-sides, which are every bit as good as the better-known A-sides. When plugged in and played they tapped into an unearthly Martian scale with the power to raise Edgar Allan Poe from the dead! Serpent Power make 21st century psychedelia that takes its cues from no-one, and is powered only by the twisted wheels of their own imagination.From the signature “Spoonful” down to the closer “Tell Me,” Howlin’ Wolf is at his absolute best. Consider if you will a small selection of choice moments - the clattering drum groove on 'Gates Of Heaven'; the satanic northern soul of 'Witching Hour'; 'Howling' with its atmospheric analogue synths and eerie vibe; or 'Jekyll And Hyde' which sounds like Abba and Sparks trading riffs and musical motifs while bonding in a Cairo opium den. Serpent Power make dark but spiritual music that's beholden to no predecessors, music to help you explore your mind's own corners and recesses.

The first side features iconic singles like “The Red Rooster”, and “Wang-Dang- Doodle”. However, he would back her on three sessions during the singer’s time with Granz, in 19 (issued on the albums Lady Sings the Blues , Music for Torching and Velvet Moods ). Their self-titled debut saw release in May 2015, on the Skelly family label Skeleton Key Records.

"It's like painting with a whole bunch of new colors." The Zac Brown Band 3 time Grammy Award winners, is not going anywhere. This release compiles, for the first time ever, all of the 1954-62 studio recordings featuring Peggy Lee backed by formations led by the great Benny Carter, or singing Carter’s arrangements.

"Sir Rosevelt can go to a lot of new places," says Brown. She had a 6 decade career as singer songwriter and actress and was the personification of understatement, known for her alluring, delicately husky voice and reserved style and her seemingly casual, laid-back style belied her meticulous preparation for each performance.

However it’s on the second side that Wolf really steps into the light and delivers his dynamic and unique voice like never before. After the sessions with Webster, Edison would also be present on Billie Holiday’s last studio sessions ever, recorded in March 1959 under the direction of Ray Ellis. Their strange musical odyssey continues with the release of 'Electric Looneyland', the duo's second long-player following on from 2015's eponymous debut.

As was common practice in the early Sixties, the music contained on this album was not originally taped with the intention of presenting it on the longplay format. Music from two Carnegie Hall concerts on which Billie appeared backed by Count Basie’s band has been added as a bonus. Some bands invent and invite you into their worlds but none are quite like the technicolour horror landscape as evoked on 'Electric Looneyland'.

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